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January 2010
Volume 4 • Issue 1

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Three More Churches Up in South Africa

#21-Kageso, #22-Randfontein, #23-Britz

Church #21 - Kageso (Pastor: Bheki and Ruth Mvelise)

Church #22 - Randfontein (Pastor: Anthony Chaplog)

Church #23 - Britz (Pastor: Frances and Idha)

Don't Let Setbacks Hold You Back
by Pete Samra

During my recent overseas Ministry Trip, I was given this anointed message to preach and many lives have been changed.

Many of us have faced setbacks in our life. Maybe we are facing a setback today. But never allow a setback to hold you back from what God has for you. Some of the most famous people had setbacks but did not allow the situation to hold them back from what God had for them.

1. I can think of David and the 400 men in the cave of Adullam. They were all hiding out:

1 Samuel 22:2 - And everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt and everyone who was discontented gathered to him. So, he became the captain over them, and there were 400 of them. (He became the President of the lonely-hearts club and head of the losers club). Some of these men were destroyed, disheartened, dismayed, disabled, disconnected, divorced, denied, disenchanted, dubious, drunk, drugged, and spiritually dead. They had all the D's, the mark of the devil. In other words, the devil had his mark on them.

1 Samuel 23:2 - And David enquired of the Lord saying, "Shall I go and Attack these Philistines and save Keilah."

  • Verse 3 - David's men said to him. "Look we are afraid here in Judah. How much more than if we go to Keilah against the armies of the Philistines. They were afraid to take a chance, sometimes after we face a setback we are afraid to take another chance even if God tells us to do it.
  • Verse 4 - David enquires of the Lord once again. The Lord answered him once again and said Arise, go down to Keilah. For I will deliver the Philistines into your hand.
  • Verse 5 - David and his men went to Keilah and fought the Philistines, struck them with a mighty blow, took away their livestock and saved the inhabitants of Keilah.
  • We see again in the scriptures in the second book of Kings the 4 lepers who were destined to die, they had no future, everywhere they looked they saw death.

    2. 2 Kings 7:3 - Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate, and they said to one another "Why are we sitting here till we die.

  • Verse 4 - If we say, "we will enter the city, the famine is in the city and we will die there. And if we sit here, we will die also. Now therefore, come, let us surrender to the army of the Syrians. If they keep us alive, we shall live and if they kill us we will die"... (either way they were doomed in their outlook).
  • Verse 5 - And they arose at twilight to go to the camp of the Syrians. When they got to the outskirts of the camp, to their surprise no body was there.... We also see the mighty Syrian army afraid because God was helping the Lepers).
  • Verse 6 - For the Lord had caused the army of the Syrians to hear chariots... (When we face our biggest setback our biggest victory is about to take Place). Interesting fact, Pastor Derrick Walker pointed out to me that he had heard Oral Roberts one time preach on the two twilights. While God was helping the weak and sick, hungry lepers go to the mighty Syrian army camp at twilight. The mighty Syrian Army gets afraid (in verse 7) and flees at twilight.

    Look at Joseph and all the setbacks he faced.

    Genesis 39:1 - We see Joseph gets sold to Potiphar, an officer of the guard in Pharaoh's army.

  • Verse 2 - He is very successful in Potiphar's house because the Lord was with him.

  • Genesis 39:7 - Potiphar's wife cast longing eyes on him and asks him to lie with her. He refuses, she is persistent. She corners him one day and he flees, but she has his garment and Joseph is put into prison... The Butler and the baker are thrown into prison, he interprets the dream, the butler remembers Joseph and Joseph interprets the dream of Pharaoh and he becomes the prime minister.

    3. David and Goliath, when the Israeli army, are afraid of the Philistines and their Giant Goliath. God sends a young shepherd boy who is not a soldier, but who has faith in God to liberate an army with a sling and a few stones.

    In 1918 in Enterprise, Alabama, the Boll Weevil had eaten the farmer's cotton. Somebody suggested that they should grow peanuts. The crop proved profitable. The farmers were able to pay back their losses and make money so a monument was erected to the Boll Weevil, the only monument to a pest. What was a setback turned out to be a blessing. President Carter: Jimmy Carter had tried to become Governor of his state of Georgia. When he lost the Democratic bid, he became very disillusioned. He asked his sister Ruth what she had that he did not have, she explained that she was a born again Christian. Jimmy quit politics for a while and concentrated on soul winning. He later became President.

    I believe at times that God will allow us to experience a setback so that He can redirect our steps and get to the place God had always intended us to be. Setbacks in our lives can produce much value as we learn to rely on God and to get into deep relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

    2009 - The Year in Review
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    Late in 2008, Pete believed he heard God tell him he was to go to Ireland. Many years earlier Pete had received a word from a minister that he would go to Ireland saying, "it would happen fast."

    After consulting many pastors to see if they knew anybody in Ireland (they did not), Pete went into deep prayer with some of the ministries' prayer associates. In addition, Pastor Pat Masero prophesied that Pete would speak to the youth of Ireland. In January of 2009, Pete and Steffi traveled to Ireland were they met Pastor Gary Anderson in Lisnadill and spoke at Vibe, a ministry of young people who attend the local universities.

    Pete spoke a word of encouragement and told them that God would use the youth of Ireland to take the Gospel to the nations.

    Pete and Steffi also spoke at the Sunday morning and evening services of the Lisnadill Gospel Church. This was an anointed time of fellowship. They were blessed to meet the Anderson family and were further blessed to learn that Mark Anderson, Pastor Gary's son, has such a powerful teaching ministry. His book on baptism is excellent.

    The Samras traveled to Wales where they were hosted by Lynn and Yvonne Heritage. Lynn is the director of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in Cardiff. This meeting cemented a strong friendship with Pete Samra Ministries and Lynn Heritage. Pete also preached in Gloucester for Pastor Kola Woleate, who was introduced to Pete by Brian Cresswell. Pete and Steffi met up with Pastors Steve and Jean Wakefield. They had lunch at Toby Carvery in Gloucester, which has become one of their favorite restaurants.

    Pete and Steffi were driven to Oxford by Vince Altamura. Vince, who is from New York, has been a very good friend and associate of Pete Samra Ministries. It was also good to see Fiona and their two sons again. Oxford has become a favorite destination of the Samras. The Oxford Bible Church has hosted Pete and Steffi many times to preach during Sunday services. Pete and Steffi cherish the friendship with Pastor Derrick and Hilary Walker. Pastor Derrick is an excellent teacher and his books are very informative on many subjects. You can get a list of his books by going to the Oxford Bible Church link on our web site. On Sunday morning a young boy in his pre-teens received the Lord as his Savior. He was misbehaving in Sunday school and the teacher asked him if he wanted to stay in Sunday school or go to the main service. The young lad opted for the main service and answered Pete's invitation to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. The Samras awoke on the Monday morning to the hardest snowfall in London in 18 years.

    The biggest miracle was getting to the airport and home since most of the airports were closed due to this snowstorm.

    The once a month ministry meeting at the Hampton Inn in Surprise, Arizona has grown as many have come and been touched. Many salvations, healings and deliverances have been reported. Thanks to Jessie Ramirez and the New Joy Band for the excellent Praise and Worship.

    In May, the Samras visited California to celebrate the 11th year in ministry. Girardi Girardi (Steve and Sheila Girardi) did a wonderful job of Praise and Worship. The meeting was held in Van Nuys at the Hampton Inn and Suites. It was a good time and the Samras were able to meet up with so many friends. On Sunday, Mothers Day, Pete and Steffi had lunch with good friends Dan and Carol Fernandez. Pete spoke at a men's meeting on Monday evening for Pastor Daniel Rosales.

    During 2009, three more churches were built in Kagiso near Krugersdorp, South Africa as well and Randfontein on the West Rand and Britz. Special thanks to Johan, the builder, and Pastor Godwin for helping us with churches #21 and #22, and Mike Young for helping us with church #23. We also want to thank our affiliate in South Africa, Terry Fairweather, who makes sure the building are up and the builders are paid. And a special thanks to many of you who have contributed to this ministry.

    The Samras returned to California in July. On Friday evening, they held a meeting at the Doubletree Hotel at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), where the Girardi Girardi band did a great job of Praise and Worship. On Saturday evening, Pete preached in Woodland Hills for Pastor Charles White and Sunday morning the Samras were hosted to preach for Sister Vivian Gregor at Living Faith Fellowship in Gardena. Pete was one of the keynote speakers at this year's Full Gospel Business Men's Faith Advance in Prescott, Arizona. Pete also spoke at many churches throughout the year including a meeting for Pastor Charles Tucker in Pasadena, California. The Samras host a regular Tuesday 12:00 noon prayer meeting every week in their home. Prayer is the backbone of any ministry and many miracles have been seen through this prayer time. Also, Samra Ministries have held many 24-hour prayer chains throughout the year.

    Pete spent three weeks in the UK during October 2009.
    Pete felt that he was to go back to the UK in October. The meetings started in Northern Ireland with a Saturday meeting with Vibe, the young adults' ministry under Daryl and Nikki Blaine. Sunday, Pete spoke at Pastor Gary Anderson's Lisnadill Gospel Church. In the morning service, Pete spoke on "Don't Let Setbacks Hold You Back" and in the evening, Pete spoke on Forgiveness. "It was a great time of fellowship to be with the Anderson family," Pete said. The Anderson family has become special friends to the Samras. Monday evening, Pete spoke in Belfast at the Storemont Hotel for the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in Belfast. This hotel is opposite the Northern Ireland Stormont Government Building. That same day Hilary Clinton addressed the Northern Ireland Parliament. Pete was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bristow. Ken is the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship chapter president in Belfast. On Tuesday, Ken took Pete up a mountain that overlooked Belfast and asked Pete to pray for Northern Ireland. Pete promised Ken that he would hold a 24-hour prayer chain, January 22 and 23, 2010, and pray for Revival in the Nations.

    On Wednesday, Pete flew from Ireland to London and was picked up at the airport by Vince Altamura. Vince drove Pete through the London traffic to preach at Real Life Ministries. This is a church pastored by Pastor Freddie and Evelyn Ssimbwa. Pastor Freddie invited many other pastors to this meeting. Pastor Freddie said, "I extend our appreciation for the time and God's prophetic word you invested and deposited in our lives. We will never forget the words of wisdom we received that day and again we were also blessed to receive a double portion when you ministered in Oxford on how to keep the anointing by walking in God's righteousness."

    On Thursday, Pete preached on financial prosperity in depressed times at a special meeting held in Oxford by Vince and Fiona Altamura.

    Friday, Vince and Pete drove to Gloucester, where Pete had an evening meeting with Pastor Kola Woleate. The evening service was very anointed as the Praise and Worship was one of the best Pete had experienced in the UK.


    Earlier that day Pete had meetings with Pastor Kola, Pastors Steve and Jean Wakefield and Pastor Brian Cresswell.

    All these pastors attended this very anointed meeting. On Saturday, Pete spoke at a men's dinner hosted by Bodhan Pawluk and Pastor Colin Joy in Narbeth in Wales. Three young men gave their lives to the Lord. Pastor Colin and Margaret Joy have hosted Pete and Steffi in their home many times.

    Pete has been visiting Narbeth and preaching for Pastor Colin for over 15 years. Sunday morning, Pete spoke for Pastor Billy Evans at his New Life Christian Fellowship in Kilgetty, Wales. Sharron Harwick, a newspaper reporter, covered Pete's message for the local Newspaper. In the evening, Pete spoke at the Emmanuel Gospel Church in Manobier, Wales, pastored by Jonathan and Debbie Fiddy.

    All three meetings were well advertised in the local press as well as on radio. On Monday evening, Pete spoke at the Carmarthen, Wales Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship meeting. Martin Wentworth is the president of this vibrant chapter. The following Tuesday morning, Pete was hosted by Lynn Heritage near Cardiff for a Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship breakfast and Pete taught on Evangelism. Lynn Heritage said about Pete's meetings, "From the first time I met you I noted you are a catalyst for change, you are an encourager and you take time to help grow people you come into contact with."

    Tuesday evening, Pete spoke at a Full Gospel Business meeting in Hereford, England, where the son of the Chapter President made a public declaration to be born again. Pete took a few days off and spoke on Saturday morning at a Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in Bromley. Many thanks to Sakkie and Lorraine Von Coller who drove Pete to the London and Oxford meetings where he preached on Sunday. The morning meeting in Oxford, Pete preached on "Don't Let Setbacks Hold You Back" and in the evening, Pete preached on "Protecting the Anointing." Pastor Derrick and Hilary Walker pastor Oxford Bible Church.

    The evening service was a great finale to this special trip. In attendance that night were Pastor Kola, Steve and Jean Wakefield, Pastor Freddie Evelyn Ssimbwa, Pastor Derrick and Hilary Walker, who hosted Pete, and Vince Altamura (Special Thanks to Vince). Vince said, "Thank you for your personal time and commitment to me and the people of God in the UK. I have only begun to understand the sacrifices you made, both personally and financially, to bless the people of God. May God Himself bless you and reward you for all you have done."
    The year 2009 drew to an end with Pete speaking at the Phoenix, Arizona chapter of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship and on December 27, Pete spoke at New Joy Ministries in Youngtown, Arizona. Thanks to all of the friends and supporters of this ministry.

    Thanks to: Ruth Barkley for her hard work in keeping our web site in such tip top condition. Steffi Samra for the help with our printing and brochures. Jessie Ramirez and family for the wonderful praise and worship we have at our Surprise meetings. Steve and Sheila Girardi for their anointed Praise and Worship at our California meetings (to purchase Girardi Girardi CDs, visit Don Beckman in California. Cheryl Street at Hampton Inn in Surprise. Arizona. Pastor Jack and Carol Duran of New Joy Ministries. John Loudermilk, God Mobile, Jackie Soltis for public relations and all the others who have helped in any way. God bless you.

    We especially want to thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for all His blessings on this ministry.

    The Vision for 2010

    This is the Vision for Pete Samra Ministries in 2010
  • 1. 10 in 10 - That's right, we are believing God for 10 more churches to be built in 2010 in the nation of South Africa and that God will supply the finances to build these churches (our vision 110).
  • 2. We are believing for hundreds of pastors to attend our conference in Johannesburg, South Africa in March. Believe with us for the budget to be paid in full for God to move mightily during this time as we prepare the pastors for the next decade.
  • 3. That God will supply our needs for the overseas mission fields we have been invited to visit, also for finances for our pastor training in South Africa.
  • 4. We believe God is speaking to Pete Samra Ministries to concentrate on ministering in the USA more than ever. If you or your church would like Pete Samra Ministries to visit your church, city or state, please contact us.
  • 5. We are believing for a video camera and duplicating equipment so we can send our messages to the nations.

    Many of you have helped this ministry financially and we thank you. Many of you have asked how you can get involved. Please pray and ask God to show you how you can help us in the above five major needs. Remember, it costs about $5,000.00 to put a basic church structure up in South Africa. One hundred dollars a month can keep one Bible training school for pastors going and a one time gift of $1,000.00 will help to reach as many pastors in South Africa during our "God's Fire Over Africa" conference in March. Any offering for any of the above needs will be greatly appreciated. Your seed sown into this fertile soil will reap much fruit for the ministry and in your life as well.

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